Unlimited-skulls is Ukraine’s top store for ethically and sustainably sourced natural history products, including – skulls, fossils, taxidermy, minerals and oddities! We are the official gift shop of the Prehistoria Natural History Centre in Ukraine! All purchases are subject to our Terms & Conditions and purchasing items constitutes as a contractual agreement to them. Please read them before purchasing.

About us

Believe it or not, Unlimited-skulls is just a small part of what we do.

This is simply our educational store, which finances the operation of our Prehistoria Natural History Centre and Educated Earth the Online Education Centre. Our organization, founded by Igor Khapenko, is made up of animal and nature lovers like you and was created as a sustainable alternative to an industry created and fueled by the destruction of the natural world.

We were already leaders in the Ukrainian exotic pet and zoo industries, having advocated ethical animal ownership everywhere from CBC expert panels to HGTV’s reality programming. We work with zoos across the nation to support their captive-breeding efforts and educational displays.

Our business was started with the intention of ensuring as little is wasted as possible, and to allow these animals to live on through your personal care and respect. We directly support Inuit and aboriginal peoples in both Canada and across the globe, and we will always prioritize products from these sources over all else.


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Our founder, Igor Khapenko, studying modern conservation techniques in the Galapagos Islands.